Indulge in the ultimate in relaxation and nature's cuisine!

  • Zdrojowa Restaurant is an important facility in the whole complex. It hosts our guests who travel for leisure and business as well as non-residents.

    The mission of Zdrojowa Restaurant, upgraded to resume its business after many years, is to respond to dynamically changing culinary needs of our guests and the challenges facing the world today.

In short, we cook tasty and healthy food for everyone, and our priority is to follow the idea of sustainable consumption based on the concept of zero waste.

  • Zdrojowa Restaurant is located in a thoroughly revitalized building from the late 19th century, whose original architecture has been recreated with attention to every detail.

    Guests of the restaurant can choose between two dining rooms – one located on the ground floor and the other on the first floor, and in the summer they can also use an outdoor dining garden.

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We have taken care to provide a very diverse and varied menu, so our offer includes traditional and regional dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan meals.

  • The cuisine served in Zdrojowa Restaurant is based on the concept of the FOUR ELEMENTS, symbolised by:

    • POULTRY which brings to mind the AIR,
    • FISH whose natural habitat is WATER,
    • VEGAN DISHES based on natural products sourced from the EARTH,
    • GRILLED FOODS that require the use of FIRE.

    We also pay special attention to how the meals are served and decorated. To emphasize the atmosphere of the place – we serve them on plates/ platters inspired by nature…

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  • Not only does Zdrojowa Restaurant guarantee delicious, healthy food, but it also offers an opportunity to enjoy the taste and aroma of a wide range of carefully selected spirits.

    Our restaurant and bar serve a wide variety of coctails, an extensive collection whiskeys, organic wines and unique vegan wines. We strongly recommend biodynamic wines, unique due to their biodiversity, resulting from the harmonious work of man and the activity of natural forces.

    To honour a rich brewing tradition of Gdańsk, the offer of beverages is supplemented by a wide range of craft beer, including craft products from Pomerania and Kashubia. Guests of Zdrojowa Restaurant can also enjoy live music and atmospheric evenings with wine and whisky.

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